Saturday, July 28, 2012

Healing Balm

So, I've been absent from blogland. I'm sorry.  I had surgery. A hysterectomy. When I was little, I didn't even know I had a hyster, let alone contemplating the removal of one. It was not fun.

Healing Balm

                     But this stuff>>>>>

This stuff has been awesome.  I've used it for everything that hurts.  Kitten scratches, bug bites, the little owie where you got a shot, dry skin, a bruised and swollen hand from my IV infiltrating, the sore tummy muscles above my incision, the itchy scar where my incision was healing. 

I have the worst allergies and most sensitive skin of any person I know. If I can use this and not react, then it's safe for pretty much anyone. That's because it's natural. Organic. It's fantastic. It's terrific. Paleolithic!
Go get some!