Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Vintage West German glass beads

I bought these wonderful vintage West German pressed glass beads, and I've been musing on what to make with them.  The colors are so vivid, like carnival glass.  These  are a particularly bold shade of electric blue.

The round ones are a bit too large for a charm bracelet, I think.  Maybe a choker?

Here we have some in an orangey topaz color, these would be great for autumn designs.

And my favorite color, starlight.  That's gray with a rainbow finish.

These I think will be lovely for spring designs, and they look nice with my rosaline octagon rhinestones.

So for now they are just sitting on my desk, waiting...

Thanks to etsy seller rnevebeads, for having the most incredibly beautiful things for sale!  If you are a vintage beadaholic like me, you simply must check out her shop.

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