Thursday, April 12, 2012

A very Distracting Cat

Lately I've been finding it difficult to make any jewelry.  Not from lack of inspiration, but from a boatload of distractions.  My pack of rescue kittens take up a lot of my time and attention, naturally.  But one of them in particular has been making it hard for me to create new pieces.

This is Patches. She is very sweet and loving, and likes to sleep snuggled up next to me on the blanket.  She loves yoga time also, and thoughtfully adds to the difficulty of exercises by sitting on my stomach. 

She loves to play tent and blanket monster, and she loves to chase her tennis ball outside in the yard.  Such a happy little cat, and oh so curious!

Patches wants to "help" with any projects you are working on. She's particularly fascinated by the sound of jewelry making. The tinkle and clink of glass beads and metal charms draws her to my beading desk.  She climbs up and sits in the middle of the project, and tries to steal the finished product.

So, I decided to make her some jewelry toys of her own, in the hope that she would leave mine alone. Some glass bead dangles and brass hearts, with a nice ribbon and a tempting paper tag, yes, this should keep her busy. 

She loves her new jewelry! The sound of it jingling will bring her running, even if she is playing outside.  She will chase it and bring it back to you.  Sometimes she carries it around like a baby, and makes a funny meow like she's talking to it.  None of  her pack mates are allowed to play with this treasure.

Success? I suppose... but she still comes over to inspect all of my jewelry projects.  Charm bracelets and dangly earrings are obviously met with approval. Only the best for our customers!

vitrail earrings
And that's the story of Patches, a very distracting, but very cute little calico cat.

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  1. Oh she is so cute! I love the earrings too!!

  2. She's adorable! I would get distracted too!

  3. Awww.... WE LOVE PATCHES!! Definitely melted our heart with every word we read of her :D
    Well! We are very sure this is NOT the end of her jewel toys - she is bound to come back for more!