Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Cats and Flowers ~ in the Garden

My garden is coming along nicely! The late rains we had recently helped a lot.  The Nigella and Johnny Jump Ups have completely taken over in the front. If you live in the LA area and are looking for flowers that need little help from you, try these.  They just need water.  Let them bloom, and form seed pods, and dry out, spilling their seeds on the ground.  Pull the dead plants out and they sprout up fresh again.

 Of course my rescue kittens love to play in the flowers! They spend all day chasing bugs,  playing hide and seek, and taking naps.


I spend a lot more time outside now that I have the kittens.  They are fun to play with, and I enjoy growing flowers for them to play in.

So, we decided to give up on growing tomatoes in the back yard. There just isn't enough sun.  I planted some herbs and things in the sunny spots, and the rest is getting shade loving flowers.

The Violets are quite happy! These have always been one of my favorites, and they are easy to grow, making a nice ground cover.

In the corner of the yard under the old orange tree, we cleaned things up and my hubs ran some sprinklers back there.  I planted some woodland flowers that like shade.


Columbine, Nigella, Parsley, Violets

The parsley has gone haywire and is a giant monster herb with interesting flowers.

Now for some tea and cookies, and a good story.

And perhaps a cat nap!

John Wayne

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  1. Your flowers look so beautiful and the kitties are certainly enjoying themselves!