Saturday, August 11, 2012

Vintage Rhinestones: Peach Tea and Watermelon

The dog days of summer. Yes, they are here. It's 100* in my back yard right now.  Too hot to do much of anything. Certainly no cooking.  I've just been hiding here in the air conditioning, spending way too much time on pinterest, and making some jewelry inspired by the awesome pins I found.

Beads and rhinestones that remind me of food seems to be a recurring theme. It must be subliminal, no?
With these juicy pictures, how could one not be inspired to create something beautiful.

Peach tea bracelet

Peach Tea

Rosaline necklace

Melon Balls

Watermelon is so tasty right now.  I have to try some of these frosty watermelon drinks. Don't they look good?


Fresh fruit

Rose Lime punch




Watermelon Punch! 

Stay cool and stay fruity my friends!

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  1. Beautiful and yummy looking at the same time! Love the new pieces!