Saturday, November 29, 2014


Are you shopping small on Small Business Saturday?

Last New Year's, I made a resolution to live more sustainably. This included such grand ideas as creating an organic vegetable garden, recycling junk mail and food scraps into the compost pile, and making my own house cleaning products. But, it has also included a scaling back~ a reluctance to buy more "stuff". Harking back to that old motto of my grandmother's time, I try to 'use it up, wear it out'. I rarely go shopping any more, and I don't follow trends and fashions.

When I do shop, I am more thoughtful about how to spend those dollars. Will my purchase go toward making some billionaire richer and more powerful? Or, can I support a small craftsman, a stay at home Mom, or a local family business? Sometimes, the cheaper, shiny new toy with fancy packaging is not the best choice. Sometimes, it's wiser to buy something made to last, created with love, or produced right here in my neighborhood by real people.

Do you vote with your dollars?

My soap shop is about as small as it gets. Just me, making soap in my kitchen, the old fashioned way. Hubs helps out a bit with shipping and labeling. And of course, I have moral support from my little family of rescue cats.  Any profit that I make goes toward supporting the cats, and building the garden. I'm so appreciative of my customers! Please, use the coupon. It's a pleasure to do business with you.


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